Drivers – Our team of experienced chaufeurs

Iain Williamson

Les Steven

Ian (Williamson) is our “Jolly Giant.” Nothing “green” about this fellow though. The first among us to gain two ***** reviews on Trip Advisor, Ian is a founder member of Scotland Taxi Tours.
He is a native Invernessian, proud indeed of his Highland Heritage and knowledge of the entire Ghaidhealtachd. He is a devotee of sport and a passionate fan of Inverness Caledonian Thistle.
Ian spent years in the British Army as a younger man and travelled the world, (and England) extensively before being drawn by the lure of his homeland to return North and share his experience with the travelling holiday makers, nowadays flocking to the area by land sea and air.
A day with Ian is guaranteed to be be a happy time, entertaining and enlightening.

Les (Steven) is probably going to be your first point of contact with Scotland Taxi Tours. As one of the founding partners in the venture he is in charge of correspondence and booking your tour, helping you choose between the exciting options available. Always willing to assist he still finds the time to be one of our most popular driver/guides. He too has picked up the ***** plaudits on our Trip Advisor page. Les comes from farming stock and has recently re-located to his native Black Isle. His enthusiasm and friendliness makes him sought after by our enquirers.


Andrew MacDonald

Andrew (MacDonald) is the most recent recruit to the Scotland Taxi Tours enterprise. He is an active member of the Clan Donald Association and a very experienced tour guide. He is well known in the Highlands as a traditional folk singer and a passionate advocate of preserving the Gaelic language and all aspects of the rich culture and heritage we in the Highlands are privileged to have and preserve. In his former capacity as the Scottish Regional Manager of a postcard and Guide book publishers he was involved in the production and editing of many guide books about Scotland and the Highlands in particular. He has ***** reviews on our Trip Advisor Page and is a member of HOSTGA . (Highlands of Scotland Tourist Guide Association.)

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